Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Round Rock -Palm Valley Plaza

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So I've never had a bad haircut at this location, until today. I got a young lady by the name of Cree. Cree apparently has a clipper obsession. After what seems like forever with the clippers buzzing around my head she finally put this white goo in my hair, but not before her comb got stuck in the extra firm gel I had in my hair and almost pulled my roots out. Then she began using the scissors. Fine. But after she was done cutting she combed my hair straight forward on both sides and the top sort of like some Prince Valiant hairstyle. I asked her if she had a brush so I could comb my hair backwards like it was when I walked in but she had to go to six lockers first before she could find a brush and by that time the white goo on my hair had dried and it was useless trying to comb it back at that point so I settled for the Groucho Marx look. Then back to the clipper fettish again. After a few more minutes of going over the same spot over and over again I asked her if she would just clean up my neck and then we would be finished. She did that and then it was back to the clippers once again. I finally had to just get up out of the chair because of this clipper fest that was going on on my head and I just couldn't stand the buzzing anymore. I don't know if she was just killing time until her shift was over or not but it was an unpleasant experience. I didn't even think my dogs would recognize me when I got home, but they did.

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Absolutely the best visit by far. Bessie taught me alot about hair care and your products, while giving me the best haircut ever! Thanks again, John

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